The Christian Care Centre, located at 10137 – 150 Street in Edmonton, has been a very active mission originally founded by St. Paul’s Anglican Church almost 28 years ago and has been an open refuge and respite for many disadvantaged people in the Jasper Place area. Our mission is to serve, strengthen and uplift people. The Christian Care Centre is drawing support for volunteers from at least eleven churches and other dedicated, generous and caring volunteers throughout the years with the intent of building relationships, hope and trust. In 2018 The Mustard Seed took over the management of the Christian Care Centre, with the support of the sponsoring churches.

We continually have needs to keep the operations running and we have faithful Churches and independent suppliers like the Food Bank, Cobbs and Andy’s IGA and churches and/or volunteers that cover specific needs when they arise and also look after the financial cost of running the Care Centre and paying for food, utilities, donation of time and supplies and we specifically thank them for their unfailing work and often unrecognized contributions.

We would like your continued prayers for our continued needs and especially for:
1.More weekly or monthly volunteers to lighten the load from the normal churn of moving, aging and sickness;
2.Volunteers to pick up food and/or clothing and other donations;
3.Food vouchers and
4.Financial assistance from time to time.

We covet your prayers and if you would like to help, please telephone the Christian Care Center at 780-484-5847 and ask to speak to the daily leader or person in charge.