Hello Fellow CtK Self-Isolationists!

I trust that most of you, if not all, participated in the (first-ever) YouTube CtK Worship Service. Hope all of you enjoyed it as much as we did! Many thanks to Pastors Lars and Stephen for organizing the virtual service, especially on such short notice. A really steep learning curve.  We confirmed Pastor Lars’ statement that “Church is never cancelled. And when normal services resume, we will all be filled with a deeper sense of thankfulness for one another and our face-to-face gatherings”. 

Sunday, March 29 CtK worship service will be delivered again remotely via YouTube.

There were 16 of us who participated in ‘Wednesday Evening with Pastor Lars’ via Zoom conferencing software.  It was relatively easy to access and adapt to this format.  This virtual meeting together was also surprisingly satisfying and enjoyable with time for both sharing and prayer. Pastor Lars did a great job leading the group.  These Zoom meetings will proceed each Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm until we are ‘released from captivity’.  Pastor Lars mentioned the possibility of holding a Monday Evening with Pastor Stephen.  More to come about this.  

The CtK website will contain all of the information you need to access these and other CtK on-line events that will be taking place during the upcoming weeks (months?). Please save this page and check it regularly. There will be material posted here in advance of our Sunday service.

You should know that most other ANiC parishes are holding similar virtual worship services.  For example, the Church of our Lord, Victoria is holding a virtual Daily Matins.  A fun project might be to discover what other ANiC parishes are offering virtually.

A request from Pastor Lars:  Might you be willing to write a short essay (300 words max.) about your experiences during these trying times, and be willing to share the essay with CtK members via these updates? This would be to help our community to stay connected in all sorts of ways. For example, any exercise regimes, recipes, family activities etc that you’ve discovered or implemented to help?

Regarding tithes and offerings. Parish Council is providing alternative methods to donate for those of us who are able to give, or give to some extent.  1.  You may use automatic debit.  2.   You may now e-transfer through your online banking service using this email address:  admin@christtheking-edmonton.ca.  Note that CtK has set up an auto-deposit feature which means most transfers it do not require a security question.  3.  Or you may use the old-fashioned ‘snail-mail’ to the CtK mailing address.  You should know that all offerings will be collected by two people, properly accounted for and deposited. Parish Council will try and cut costs as best we can once we know the extent to which our contributions are effected by this disruption. If you are so moved and able, may you consider giving a special gift to our “vulnerable families fund”? The CtK mailing address is:

P.O. Box 53103

Glenora P.O.

Edmonton, Alberta


That is all for now. Please stay tuned in the ways in the ways suggested above. We will evolve as we move through this season, and by the grace of God we will be stronger for it, not weaker. 

Every Blessing 

Bruce C.