Hello CtK Family

We’re happy to inform you that we are going to resume public worship this Sunday! However, we must abide by a series of regulations and complications, so it won’t be public worship as it used to be. We will continue to live-stream our services also.

Please follow this link to read the advanced notice if you would like to attend (hat tip to the Archdiocese of Edmonton whose notice we have taken and adapted).

COVID Notice

If after reading the notice you would still like to attend, please inform us in advance by email (Lars@christtheking-edmonton.ca). If you are emailing on behalf of a household, please give us the precise number of souls who will be attending with you. 

If we have more than maximum of 50 people wishing to attend, we will proceed on a first come first served basis, with those unable to attend one week being top of the list for the following week. 

Please note, there will be no child care, Sunday School, prayer ministry, or refreshments. We will not be passing out resources or the offering plate (our protocols for tithes and offerings remain the same – standing order, mail in, or e-transfer – thank you for your faithfulness in this regard by the way!). Entrance, exit, and any fellowship in between must maintain strict social distance (this includes children). If you want to sing, you should stay at home and open your windows and belt out the hymns and songs as loud as you like. The guidance states that those who attend are strongly discouraged from singing, but you may hum along (the blasted-COVID hates congregational singing).

The service will be the same Morning Prayer which we have been doing (we need to ensure as best we can that those who attend and those who worship at home are following the same service). We will have the atrium arranged to accommodate the declared attendees and households as best we can. Whereas we cannot compel individuals to give us their names, provincial guidance suggests we keep a list of attendees for two weeks before destroying it. This is incase an individual contracts the blasted-COVID and we need to inform those potentially exposed.

We are working on protocols for Holy Communion, but for the time being Morning Prayer will be our principle service. Hopefully we will move to celebrating Holy Communion once per month.

We thank you for your patience and plead for further patience and understanding as we continue to adapt to changing guidance and circumstances.

In Christ