We hope to avoid a repeat of the technical issues we had this last Sunday (apologies). In fact, we hope to improve things. Kathleen and Peter will be leading our singing this Sunday.

If you would like to join us in person, please read the COVID notice:


There is still plenty of room in the atrium if you wish to join us. RSVP by email (Lars@christtheking-edmonton.ca) Also let me know how many will be attending with you. If you have let me know already that you hope to attend regularly, you needn’t RSVP again.

Copies of the sermon are available by request. The service and sermon  for this Sunday may be downloaded here: 

Morning Prayer July 5 (4th Sunday after Trinity)

July 5 Sermon

Please join us at this location at 10 am MDT for our Sunday service.


If you are planning on attending please print out a copy of the service. We will have some copies available for those without printers.