Lars has been the Rector (lead pastor) of Christ the King since March of 2015. Lars has been in parish ministry since 1998, being ordained in the Diocese of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has served the Anglican Church in Canada and England in a variety of ways, namely inner-city youth worker, associate priest and priest in charge, school chaplain, head of department and teacher in both state and private schools.

He has studied at Summit Pacific College, Regent College, the University of Saskatchewan, and King’s College London. Currently, he is studying for a Masters in Philosophy. He became a Christian in the Pentecostal church and discovered Anglicanism while at graduate school.

Lars is married to Claire, and their two sons, Theodore and Samuel, were born on the 1st of July. He is both a Canadian and a Swedish citizen. He has a wide range of interests, including the great outdoors, reading and discussing philosophy and theology, many aspects of pop-culture, as well as lively and interesting discussion. Lars and Claire have lived in many fascinating places, namely southern Portugal, London, the north east and the north west of England, but they are happy now to call Edmonton home. Feel free to send him an email at