Chad supports the Rector’s ministry at CtK as a non-stipendiary priest (since 2018). Ordained within the Anglican Communion—Diaconate (2018) and Presbyterate (2019)—he previously spent ten years in ordained ministry within the Free Church as a senior Minister and in denominational leadership roles. Chad is married to Karmyn, and they have three children. He coaches youth sport and plays hockey, soccer, and rugby.

Chad graduated from Briercrest in 2003, where he participated in Anglican Studies Seminars and studied the early (Patristic) Church and 16th century Reformation. He also took an MA (Biblical Studies), and then GCerts (Koine and Hebrew) through Asbury Seminary. While in the pastorate, Chad pursued post-graduate studies, including STM (Biblical Theology) and DMin (Practical Theology) at Southern Seminary. Recently completing the Juris Doctor (JD) at the University of Alberta, he practices law, publishes and speaks on law and faith, and conducts seminars on ethics-based leadership.

Seeing the global Anglican realignment as an historic reformation movement bringing life-shaping liturgical and theological resources to a world in need of evangelical transformation, Chad is privileged to play a role in the Anglican Communion both in CtK and the broader community. Follow Chad on the GoodFaith blog and podcast at Contact Chad: