A safe place where children can be heard, feel loved and respected. Where children can build a relationship with Jesus and other followers and grow in knowledge, faith and love of God and contribute the gifts God has bestowed on them.

Due to Covid…

We have not been having in-person nursery or Sunday School classes due to the pandemic. At this point, we ask parents to sit with their children during the service. We have continued to include times of catechesis/children’s talks in our service. As well, there are activity bags that children can take to their seats.

For regular Bible stories and catechesis, consider checking out our Children’s Ministry videos  on YouTube.

[Below is the Pre-Covid Information]


Our nursery is a Self-Serve crawl space for children ages 0-3 and their caregivers.  For those who would like to drop off their young one, a Plan to Protect certified assistant will be made available.  Children and their parents are welcome to participate, together with a Nursery Helper, in a Bible story, prayer, and song time.  As well, a sound system speaker is provided in order to listen to the sermon.

Sunday School!

The Sunday School at Christ the King is for children aged 4-6 (pre-school) and 7-12 years.  It is an interactive place of both learning and fun.  Our teachers use creative methods to minister to all the children, bringing elements of liturgy and age appropriate lessons to life.  There is a rotation of qualified teachers, but more are always welcome!

If you are interested in volunteering and helping out with either Nursery or Sunday School, please let one of our teachers, or Pastor Stephen know.