Christ the King adopted the following vision statement, guiding principles, tag, and mission statement after much prayer. We are now clarifying our common life, ministry activities, and goals in light of our vision and plan.

Christ the King Vision Statement:

To be an expression of the Church of Christ as a member of ANIC, guarding and conveying the historic Christian faith; growing in heart, mind, and action; prayerfully, reverently, and joyfully following the Holy Spirit; and fulfilling the Great Commandment and Commission within our city, nation, and the world. Also, to provide a safe and welcoming haven for seekers and disciples who are new, adrift, neglected, or undernourished.

The 7 guiding principles:

1. The Bible is the authority in directing our community and personal lives.
2. Prayer is a means of communicating with a caring and guiding God.
3. Holy Spirit inspired worship expressed through liturgy, Eucharist and praise.
4. Presence, power, gifts and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
5. Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.
6. Faith development.
7. Being a loving and welcoming community.


Biblically faithful, Jesus centred, mission focused


Christ the King is an Anglican church rooted in the historic Christian faith, nourished and guided by the Holy Spirit, and purposefully sharing God’s love.